Most things in life just happen. With or without our involvement. Without warning. This can be unexpected family or career changes, diseases, strokes of fate. Or also an inner process taking place that seems to want to change something in your life.


In such situations, the phone can be your anchor point.


Your issues and needs are so different, so discreetly runs our cooperation on the phone. With the calming distance of a telephone line and still feeling close to an open and honest exchange. You stay in the comfort of your environment and still get in the required contact with the liberating perspective of a coach to your situation. Like I will accompany you in real terms during your change processes.


Benefits to you:


There is no ready-made runtime of a Telephone Coaching. It is aimed completely according to the respective situation, according to your needs and objectives. Only after a thorough discussion of your request we start together on the route to the destination.