What is´behind the term BURNOUT

The term burnout means a persistent and severe state of exhaustion with both physical as well as mental symptoms. Those affected feel empty and exhausted. They feel their work as meaningless and useless. They are retreating more and more. From other people, both professionally and privately.

Almost every one of us knows a person who is stressed, overburdened, or even burned out. More and more people can report on their own experiences when asked about stress and the impact. In the companies of the free economy, these effects are reflected in concrete figures - and in rising costs.

Meanwhile, burnout symptoms occur in all occupational groups and are not necessarily dependent on gainful employment. This severe state of mental exertion can also arise as a result of strains in the private and familial areas. Among those affected are housewives, caretakers, students, college students, unemployed people and pensioners.


What brings you to me?

You are mentally exhausted, lust- and driveless - then restless, irritated and hyperactive. You are very emotional and often close to tears without knowing why. Guilt and helplessness are spreading. You wonder if you will be depressive or suffer from a burnout. You long for explanations for your behavior, you long for understanding and clarity.


What´s next

Consider with me your current life situation and your acute symptoms. You will get to know methods that will allow you to work on your return to a relaxed life. However, it is also about help that you may need by a doctor. For that, you get information that you are missing, as well as support for the implementation by me.

I offer you a trusting atmosphere, understanding and my varied knowledge as
a burnout coach as well as a certified wellness and relaxation trainer of AWELA Akademie

I offer: Coaching for private individuals

Consulting for companies