"In the depths of winter, I realized that there is an invincible summer in me" (Albert Camus)


More than ever before in history, it is for us humans in today's time to shape one's own life and find individual fulfillment. However, the possibility of this self-determination also poses great challenges for the individual in addition to various opportunities, which we do not always feel fit for. Even crisis situations such as the loss or death of a dear person or separations are events that can happen to each of us. This also happened in my life and a few times destiny gave me the challenge to love and trust life again – no matter what.

An important companion was the above-mentioned sentence by Albert Camus which means to me that there is no day without night, no light without shadow and no joy without grief. The opposites do not attract, but they presuppose mutuality. I believe that negative and positive feelings are basically very similar because they have the same causes - namely, deep emotions and passion. There can only exist something and stand out from the uniformity of the mass, if it stands out from anything else, for only in this way does life make us experience the positive events and emotions.
Let yourself be touched by life in its entirety and actually feel the vitality. Find out what is nurturing you and recognize what forces are working within yourself.

In order to be able to live and act in this world in our full force, it is necessary to recognize and solve blocking old patterns of thought in order to make our - often unused - resources accessible and to free our own life energy. Everyone is unique and deserves to be seen. We all strive for a fulfilled and happy life which looks different for each of us.

A central goal in Personal Coaching is to support people in the development of their potential and their resources so that a self-determined, happy and fulfilling life is possible.

"The future does not depend on the past, but on our decision at every moment!" (H. Scherer)