Successful and stylish in privacy and professional life
Emphasize your own individuality, optimize your personal style and put yourself skilfully in scene or learn with good manners to achieve more professional success - with the help of my coaching, you can reach your goal in a short time and with pleasure. Win through my personal accompaniment in style questions, outfit, manners and image radiance and authenticity.

Image / Career Coaching
The path to personal and professional success requires an individual and coherent appearance that reflects your personality. An image is the image that the others make of you - building an image is work. But what good is a perfect outward appearance if it does not agree with your personality? Get to know your strengths in coaching and optimize your personality. Your professional activities, dress codes, your private environment as well as your financial possibilities are part of my consulting concept.

Good manners
Professional qualifications and good manners are indispensable on the career path, but the latter also in a harmonious private environment. I love to show you in a special coaching on the subject of etiquette how to style occur and gain self-confidence, sovereignty and charisma. Learn to consciously use the effect of good manners and learn how to move stylishly around in every situation.

Holistic beauty coaching
Beauty coaching means re-discovering and remaining authentic. You can see it when you are feeling comfortable in your skin. Therefore, I strengthen your conscious perception for your appearance. You will learn to radiate from the inside and outside. In doing so I support you with valuable holistic tips, skin care tips and practical know-how. Treat yourself to a few hours of beauty coaching. Because everyone has his own personal charisma and beauty, regardless of fashion or ideals.


Please contact me - I love to join and promote you on the journey of discovery to your personal impact and charisma.